Art Work Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines

Please read carefully as incorrect artwork can cause delays and, in some cases a redraw charge.


To ensure the best quality results for your order, we ask that the design and artwork you send to us have been vectored and outlined and must be in the original file format (PDF or EPS)

You can tell the difference between a vectored image and a non-vectored equivalent by zooming in. Up close, a vector will be clear and sharp, while the non-vectored image will appear distorted and blurred.


The guidelines for submitted a design to be embroidered onto garments aren’t as strict as those for printing, as the design will be digitised and changed into stitches. You don’t need your design to be vectored in this case, any image file format is acceptable.

However, we do ask that regardless of the file format, you send over the highest quality version of your design as possible to get the best results.

Artwork Approval

Once you have sent over your artwork, we will review it to ensure it meets the required standard for printing or embroidery.

We’ll then send you a mock-up of your design on your selected products. This enables you to see your artwork, and confirm you’re happy with the selected position, size, and colours.

After you’ve reviewed the artwork and happy to go ahead, we’ll process your order.

Need more help with your artwork?

For any help or queries with your artwork, please give our office a call on 01582 883222.